Reading at the Engage Arts Festival, Bandon, 28th September

Next Sunday, I’ll be reading from The Crocodile by the Door at a venue appropriately called ‘The Farm’.  This is no mean and lowly stable but an impressive neo-Gothic manor house built by Lord Bandon in 1830, just outside the town.  Refreshments will be served from 2 pm and the Glaslinn choir will perform.  It all sounds very civilized. I’m reading with Eibhear Walshe who is something of an expert on drawing rooms, being a scholar of Elizabeth Bowen, Kate O’Brien and Oscar Wilde.  I hope he may be persuaded to read from his new novel about a servant to the Wilde family, The Diary of Mary Travers, which Anne Haverty described as ‘remarkable’ and ‘strangely affecting’ in last Saturday’s Irish Times. It’s an exciting programme with Charles Tyrrell, Amanda Coogan and Billy Foley among the visual artists showing and a reading by Rob Doyle on Saturday. Vyvienne Long kicks festivities off with a gig on Thursday night.  Do check it out.