Development at Tibradden

Development on Tibradden Road. DLR Co Co. Application D16A/0955.

I’ve often been asked: ‘what happened to those fields you wrote about in Crocodile? The short answer is that in the past few months, a lot has happened in the fields bought by Bernard MacNamara, and sold on by NAMA in late 2015. Over Christmas, the new owner busily pursued unauthorized development, building a road across the field, through the wood along the River Glin, and widening access onto Tibradden Road. The enforcement section of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown have asked him to ‘regularise’ these developments, but meanwhile work continues to change this nineteenth century landscape.

In the fields immediately adjacent, Stillorgan RFC have lodged a planning application with DLR Co Council for the construction of a new club facility in the fields on the hill side of Tibradden Road. The development will consist of: a 2 storey clubhouse including changing rooms, meetings room, storage and ancillary facilities (463 sq m), an outdoor viewing terrace, 3 no. playing pitches, floodlights for pitches 1 +2; associated car park with 60 spaces and coach parking, on site water treatment system, all associated site and development works.

These fields are currently zoned B ‘for the protection of agriculture and the promotion of rural amenity.’ This development will threaten the viability of our farm adjacent to the site. Tibradden’s fields are immediately adjacent to the site to the south and west. Over the past twelve years, we’ve pursued an environmentally friendly farm policy, and have erected new bat and bird boxes, planted native species of trees, protected wildlife corridors and field margins, protected species-rich pasture.  The result is that hares, sparrowhawks, several different bat species, pine marten, hedgehogs and red squirrels have returned to our farm.  The extensive excavation works destroying the existing capillary drainage,  the removal of hedgerows required by this development, the provision of floodlights, the application of chemical insecticides and fertilisers to maintain the 3 pitches, the influx of cars, players, spectators, dogs and noise, never mind the threat to livestock with every kick over the posts: all will adversely affect our ability to farm this land, as outlined in Crocodile.    

If you have visited Tibradden and have concerns about the impact of these developments on ‘the last unspoilt valley landscape in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown’, please consider making a submission to the planners in DLR Co Co. The deadline is tight – Wednesday 1st February. Online objections can be submitted here: DLR County Council – making an objection

Pic 1 – Tibradden Road – junction of bus and car at proposed entrance to site.

Pic 2 – Tibradden House, arrow indicates location of pitches.

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