Tibradden Gate Lodge 2015: Nominated for an RIAI Award and Available to Rent!

Voting is open till 17th June for the RIAI People’s Choice Awards and we’re delighted that the gate lodge at Tibradden is up for a gong. Will and Marcus of Donaghy & Dimond deserve full credit for designing such a welcoming and airy space. R&U Builders also deserve special mention for their dedication in seeing the project through, as does our friend and neighbour, Gerry Farrell, who brought great skill to bear on our slow-drying, home-grown, cedar timbers. If you’d like to vote, here’s the RIAI link:  Go to “Gate Lodge”

On the other hand, if you’d like to live here, the 3 bedroomed lodge is currently available to rent (on an annual lease) from July 1st. We are looking for a family who might enjoy being in the countryside and yet so close to the city (Dublin 16), ideally for over a year.

You’ll find full details here: Tibradden Gate Lodge on Daft

Thanks, as ever, to Mr. Evers for the pics.

Interior of the extension showing the use of Tibradden’s cedars throughout. That’s the master bedroom down beyond the bathroom.
This is the gate lodge at Tibradden where the Kirwans used to live. It’s a bit of a tardis now that Rostyk has finished building a whole new house behind it, designed by Will Dimond and Marcus Donaghy.
So here’s the open plan kitchen with the light flowing in. There’s a wood-burning stove just off to the right.
And this is the longer shot, showing the door to the back garden. Up above that sofa is a large mezzanine space with a view of the Hellfire Club for those who ascend the ladder.
And this is the cortene steel roof that is rusted by design with the cedar wood cladding at the rear of the extension. Grasses by Mt. Venus Nursery.

5 thoughts on “Tibradden Gate Lodge 2015: Nominated for an RIAI Award and Available to Rent!

  1. Wow stunning! What a beautiful place. And when you say tenants? I’m currently renting but this place would be a dream house!

  2. Ahhh Selina Please could you pencil Sarah & I for the lodge at some time in the unspecified near/mid/distant future…?!? It looks beyond ideal, with the most ideal bit being the neighbours! Hope all’s well. Big kiss Patsy x

  3. Hello, many thanks for your enthusiasm about the lodge.

    It’s a 3 bedroom house with a quite a lot of space at 1550 sq foot. If this comes near to what you need, then the house is up on Daft, or you can contact me directly at selina.guinness@me.com

  4. Patsy, I know you two would have to be shoehorned out of the Spitalfields area, but if ever you get the urge – then call!

    I see Honey & Co are deservedly receiving accolades for their beautiful book. Congratulations! I’ve really enjoyed cooking from it. I hope that all the other chefs are lining up now to book you in . . .

    Talk soon on other channels. xx Selina.

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