Merry Christmas!

In tribute to Mark O’Connell’s essay, “Every Man his own Shopping Channel”, in the current issue of The Dublin Review (49), I thought this lovely gift deserved a small unboxing ceremony of its own.




With thanks to Marina for a beautiful Croc.

And thank you to all who dropped by this blog over the past few months. Merry Christmas everyone, and all best wishes for 2013! xx Selina.

One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Should have made a little video of this; it would have been delightful & a wonderful book-promo device [Christmas gift for your publishers!] & a diamond find for a digital archivist generations from now. It’s the handling, finding one’s way into the box, the tactile element, the obvious excitement and anticipation of the person doing the unboxing that makes them so compelling. Mark O’Connell’s essay [“Every Man his own Shopping Channel”, in The Dublin Review (49)] is fabulous; so clever a subject (I’d seen several of these unboxing vids before reading the essay and they really are compelling, especially when one is thinking of buying a camera, say, or a phone).

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